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how send eth in one time at 10 adresse


How do you send an ETH to multiple addresses in one transaction?

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How do I send ETH from one address to another?

How to send Ether (ETH) to an external Ethereum address?

  1. Press Withdraw on the top of the Accounts page, or go to your Ethereum account and press Send.
  2. Select External crypto wallet.
  3. In the pop-up window, insert the ETH address of the receiver and the amount you want to send;
  4. Press Withdraw;

How do I send tokens to multiple addresses?

Step 1: On the main screen, click Terminal. Step 2: Select Multi-Send. Step 3: Let's enter the first receiving wallet address, then Coin98 Wallet will display where to enter the number of tokens/coins you want to transfer and continue with other wallet addresses.

How do I buy ETH and send it instantly?

Buying ETH with Fiat The quickest way is to press “Buy ETH” on the home screen of your wallet. Click Buy ETH. You may purchase ETH with Apple Pay (US only), a credit card, or a bank transfer.

Can you send ETH to multiple addresses?

Send Ether and Ethereum Tokens to Multiple Ethereum Addresses. With Multisend, you can distribute Ether and ERC-20 tokens to multiple wallet addresses at once with a single transaction fee. MultiSends saves you an incredible amount of time, energy and money in distributing Ethereum assets.

Can I send multiple ERC20 tokens in one transaction?

Is it possible to transfer all / multiple ERC20 tokens to another wallet address in a single transaction? Yes, by doing all transfers it in a contract function, and then executing that function in a single transaction.

How can I send ETH to Metamask without fees?

The cheapest ways to send ETH to your Metamask wallet would be either via Gemini or the FTX App. This is because both of these platforms do not charge any withdrawal fees for ERC20 withdrawals.

How do you send one to Metamask?

How to send Harmony ONE to Metamask

  1. Select a platform to send ONE to your Metamask wallet.
  2. Obtain the '0x' address from your Metamask wallet.
  3. Go to Harmony Block Explorer to obtain your 'one' address.
  4. Send ONE from the platform of your choice to Metamask.

Jan 9, 2022

How can I send ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses?

How to send ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses

  1. Connect your wallet to the app.
  2. Select your token and specify a list of addresses in CSV format; if you don't know what CSV is, click the 'Show Sample CSV' button.
  3. Click 'Send' and proceed to the next step.
  4. Click 'Approve' and confirm in the wallet.

How do you distribute tokens?

Distribute the tokens

  1. Access to the Distribution screen. There are three types of campaigns. …
  2. Add the token's contract address you want to distribute.
  3. Prepare the CSV file of the email address list and upload.
  4. Approve your tokens. …
  5. Basic Information Settings. …
  6. Download Campaign CSV file to send emails.

Is buying ETH on MetaMask instant?

Buying ETH directly inside MetaMask is the quickest way (instant transfer) to get your ETH into the MetaMask wallet. The delivery time of both the Wyre and Transak is fast. Buying ETH inside MetaMask saves your time; you don't need to buy somewhere else and transfer it to the wallet.

How do I avoid gas charges on MetaMask?

On Metamask, you can set your gas fee to “Low” before confirming a transaction. If you want to save even more gas, click on Advanced Options. In this tab, you can set the max fee to slightly above the 7 day lowest historical gas price from Etherscan chart.

Can I send ERC20 token to ETH address?

You cannot deposit ERC-20 tokens to your ETH (HEX) deposit addresses on your Kraken account. Each cryptocurrency, including any ERC-20 tokens we list, have their own deposit addresses. You can only deposit ERC-20 tokens that we have listed. All ERC-20 Tokens on Kraken use a shared address.

Can I transfer multiple Nfts at once on MetaMask?

0:074:35Send Multiple NFTs in a Single Transaction Using OpenSeaYouTube

What is the cheapest way to send Ethereum?

The cheapest ways to send ETH to your Trust Wallet would be either via Gemini or the FTX App. This is because both of these platforms do not charge any withdrawal fees for ERC20 withdrawals. From this table, there are 2 methods that you can use to send ETH without incurring any transaction fees: Gemini and the FTX App.

Can you send ETH from Binance to MetaMask?

To transfer cryptocurrency from Binance to MetaMask, you will need to follow these steps: Sign in to your MetaMask account. Link your MetaMask wallet to your Binance account. Start your withdrawal/transfer process by heading towards the Fiat And Spot section of your Binance Account.

How do I find my MetaMask harmony address?

You can find your corresponding address using the Harmony block explorer; just find the ONE/ETH switch in the top right of the page. You should always use the Ethereum address format on MetaMask when using the Harmony network. Only use the Harmony address formats when using the Harmony ONE Wallet.

How do I send Bitcoins to multiple addresses in one transaction?

With the Bitcoin Core client, you can create a transaction sending coins to several addresses. On the "Send" tab, there is an "Add Recipient" button at the bottom of the screen; click it as many times as needed to add a form for each recipient.

What is a token distribution?

Token distribution is an integral part of tokenomics research. It describes the proportions in which different groups of users and investors own blockchains tokens. You can consider token distribution as a pie chart where each piece represents a specific group's ownership of the project.

How does token allocation work?

Token Allocation means the number of Tokens due to the Purchaser pursuant to Section 1 which can be found by dividing (x) the Purchase Amount by (y) the Price Per Token (as defined below).

How can I send ETH to MetaMask without fees?

The cheapest ways to send ETH to your Metamask wallet would be either via Gemini or the FTX App. This is because both of these platforms do not charge any withdrawal fees for ERC20 withdrawals.

What is daily limit on MetaMask?

It's been widely reported that users will be able to purchase a maximum of $400 worth of crypto per day, but Wyre, a payments API company that MetaMask is using for the Apple Pay integration, lists a $500 daily maximum in their documentation.

What time is ETH gas fees lowest?

This comes as no surprise because Europe and the US are all fully awake and at work during that period. On weekdays, ETH gas price is lowest from midnight to 4 AM (EST)—when most of America is asleep, Europe is just about to start their day, and Asia is finishing up their workday.

How can I lower my gas ETH fees?

  1. Use Simulation Through DeFi Saver. …
  2. Transaction Timing Optimization. …
  3. Organize Transaction Types. …
  4. Use DApps Offering Discounts and Rebates on Ethereum Gas Fees. …
  5. Utilize Gas Tokens. …
  6. Assess Network Congestion to Plan Ahead. …
  7. Calculate Ethereum Gas Fees Accurately. …
  8. Explore Ethereum Layer-Two Solutions.

Jun 14, 2022

Is ETH and ERC20 same?

What's the Difference Between ETH and ERC-20? Ether (ETH) is the native token used by the Ethereum blockchain and network as a payment system for verifying transactions. ERC-20 is the standard for creating smart contract-enabled fungible tokens to be used in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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